Almost daily I am asked 'Sarah, why do you have so much energy?!'
'How are you always so positive and alert in the mornings?!'.

Would you like to know how to identify 'energy drains' and remove them from your life?
Or would you like to wake up every morning feeling refreshed, rather than drained?

In May 2020, I was invited to co-author a book all about how to get more energy, with a 8+ group of brilliant other experts in their own field. It was an absolute pleasure to write in this book, and I can't wait to write many more. 

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The book went to No1 Best Seller in 'Self Help Time Management' on Amazon on the day of release! That speaks for itself. It really is a brilliant book and includes so many useful, and practical, tips to help you find, keep and maintain higher levels of energy and fulfilment in everyday life. 


Energy: How to Unleash Your Inner Fire